Perfect Prep Supreme Equine Calming Support Formula

Perfect Prep Supreme Equine Calming Support Formula

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With Vitamin BeHave!

The ultimate in safe, targeted calming for your horse. With the addition of Vitamin BeHave to our leading calming formula, Perfect Prep EQ Supreme produces calming when you need it most.

It has been known for many years that a variety of nutritional components, especially vitamins, minerals and amino acids have a direct effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system of mammals.

Even normally quiet horses become excitable in stressful situations. Stress quickly uses up the horse's normally sufficient levels of essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids, with the result that adrenalin, blood sugar and heart rate levels become uncontrolled and the horse becomes excitable. Horsemen have long controlled the energy level and nervous state of their mounts by adjusting the levels of these nutritional components.

Non-chemical, totally nutritional management of horses under stress offers several benefits over using herbal or chemical approaches. Effects are transient and reasonably dependable. Finally, since these components are found in every living mammal, it allows confidence that the nutritional components used are not detectable as a foreign substance by the laboratory tests run by the governing bodies of high level equine events.

Dosage: For maximum effect use 80ccs 90 minutes prior to activity. Adjust dosage for desired results. Effects begin 1 hour after administration and can last up to 6 hours. Feed carefully in small doses.

Contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are naturally present in a horse.

Meets competition requirements - Show safe.

80cc paste syringe.

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