Chillin' Flexible Water Bottle With Roll Snap And Carabiner

Chillin' Flexible Water Bottle With Roll Snap And Carabiner

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Great For Trail Riders!

Chillin' Flexible Water Bottle With Roll Snap And Carbiner is perfect for the trail rider! BPA-free flexible bottle can be filled with your favorite beverage. The handy carabiner allows you to hook the bottle on saddle bags, saddle rigging, backpacks and more! The side snap is perfect for rolling up the bottle after it is emply to keep it securely stored.

Fill with water and freeze, then drop in your insulated bags. Keeps other drinks cold and as the ice melts, you have cold water to drink too! Perfect for trail rides, horse show days, picnics, or beach trips. Even when filled, the bottles take up very little space and pack easily in coolers and lunch totes.


Holds 1¾ Cups of liquid. (Approximately 14 ounces).

Rolled and snapped detail shown on right.

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