Tough-1 Premium 4 Piece Wash Kit

Tough-1 Premium 4 Piece Wash Kit

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Premium 4 Piece Wash Set!

This Premium 4 Piece Wash Kit includes a jelly curry, half-moon sweat scraper, square sponge, and a large micro-fiber sponge mitt.

The microfiber mitt is great for putting a finishing shine on your horse while picking up dirt and dust. This mitt can also be used wet for bathing and rinsing your horse. A handy item to have at the horse show gate for a final dust-off! This mitt can also be used to apply show sheens, fly sprays, and other finishing products. The Microfiber Mitt secures comfortably around your hand with an elastic band. It cleans wet or dry. When wet, the fibers use capillary action to attract dirt and water. When dry, it will clean more effectively than traditional cloths because the static charge from the fibers attracts dust.

Perfect for getting your shampooing and grooming in order in preparation for the show ring, competition arena or regular bathing of your horses and ponies!

Choose Purple, Pink, Royal Blue, or Lime.


  • Jelly Curry for scrubbing.
  • Medium size Square Sponge for shampooing.
  • Half-moon Sweat Scraper for removing excess water.
  • Microfiber Mitt for shampooing or shine.

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