Korsteel JP Curve Oval Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

Korsteel JP Curve Oval Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

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Quality Equine Hardware!

JP Bits by Korsteel provide ultimate communication between you and your horse. John Patterson (JP), world renowned trainer and jockey, developed the curved bar design to enhance performance by facilitating utmost comfort for your horse. The design reduces tongue pinching and direct pressure on the tongue for a more comfortable bit. It helps to stop the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth and encourages relaxation and salivation.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, Korsteel bits are proven performers for all levels of training and competition.

Thick, kind, double-jointed mouthpiece with curved bars eliminates nutcracker tongue pinching and encourages horse's chewing mothing.

Stainless Steel Construction.

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