Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Press & Spin Game

Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Press & Spin Game

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Big Fun For The Family!

Press & Spin Memory games fit in little boxes - but they're big fun on game night! Farm Animal Pairs features a colorful spinner and a deck of 24 memory cards with animal artwork. Game instructions include multiple ways fo children to use this family-friendly game set, so it can be enjoyed by preschoolers and older kids too!

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

Farm Animal Pairs: With the cards laid face-down in a grid pattern, the players take turns spinning the spinner and turning over the number of cards shown on the spinner. Players collect any matches they find, and return any non-matching cards to the face-down position. When all the cards have been matched, player count the pairs they've collected. Whoever has the most pairs wins!

Animal Charades: Spread out the cards, animal-pictures-down, on a playing surface. Player 1 chooses a card, and looks at the animal on the card without letting the other players see it. Player 1 then acts out the animal, using movement and sound but no words. Whoever guesses the animal correctly gets to go next! (To keep score, count one point for every correct guess or spin the spinner to set a points value for each round.)

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