Slow Lick Salt Bag With Salt Block

Slow Lick Salt Bag With Salt Block

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Slow Lick Bag And Salt Block!

A great way to provide your horse with an all-natural mineral supplement in slow lick form! Easy to hang in a stall or even your run-in shed. Can also be a great pacifier for horses that get bored when stalled up. You can even take it with you to horse shows and weekend outings! The soft nylon cording of the net allows your horse to find easy access to the salt.

The 100% all-natural salt block is straight from the Himalayan Mountains. A great source of iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are all vital intake for maintaining your horse's health. Salt blocks are mined from ancient deposits in the Himalayan Mountains - pure and full of minerals. With the Himalayan Horse rock salt lick, you receive 200 million years of accumulated energy plus many of the natural minerals needed by your horse. The distinctive rose pink color comes from the salt's high mineral content.

Salt licks are literally 'rock hard,' which means that horses are unable to bite chunks off the block. These licks are also weather-resistant and can be safely left outside in the field. They will not dissolve in the rain.

Includes Salt Block: Approximately 4.4 lbs.

Your choice of Slow Lick Bag color: Black, Blue, Navy, Red, Hunter Green, or Purple.

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