ThinLine Half Pad

ThinLine Half Pad

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Very Popular Product! The Pad Everyone Seems to be Raving About!

ThinLine Half Pad. ThinLine technology makes it the most shock-absorbing material on the market. It has been recommended by spinal surgeons to aid in healthy backs and is used by Olympic and international riders in every discipline.

The ThinLine Half Pad remains one of our top sellers. It covers only the weight-bearing surface of the saddle and is designed to be very minimal and discreet - you can barely notice it under the saddle!

This pad will mold to your horse's shape when warmed to body temperature and should be used on top of your regular saddle pad, directly underneath your saddle. It does flex and move with the horse, so there is no pinching or pulling across the withers or spine.

ThinLine saddle pads are 1/4" thick and are designed to provide maximum comfort for the horse. What the rider will notice as they ride in this pad, is that the horse is happier and more willing to work and is more comfortable performing.

When first starting a horse or bringing one back into work from a layoff, use ThinLine, as it has tensile strength to help distribute weight evenly over areas where the saddle may not fit perfectly while the horse is rebuilding muscle.

This very durable half pad also features anti-slip defense, maximum shock absorption, exceptional breathability, improved saddle-fit, a texture and suppleness to allow the pad to mold for a custom fit, and infused anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents.

The ThinLine Half Pad measures 17 1/4" across the shoulder, 21" long, and 13 3/4" in the seat and fits most English saddles up to 17".

ThinLine Pads are recommended for:

-Horses in high-impact situations (jumping, polo, gaming)

-Horses with sensitive backs

-Young horses

-Beginning riders

-Horses spending long hours under the saddle (endurance, trail, working horses)

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