Frank Chicks Harness Horse Sale Information

Important Notice to Buyers

Terms and Conditions Of Sale

The Consignor or owner of the horse is responsible for announcements from the stand and for information printed in the catalog.  This sale is not responsible for the information provided.

  1. NO WARRANTY.  Each horse is being sold "as is, where is".  In the event of any inconsistency between the foregoing statement and any other verbal or written statement by any person or entity, the terms of the foregoing statement shall take precedence.   This sale shall not be liable or responsible for any representation or misrepresentation made by owner or party entering a horse.  This sale makes no guarantee or warranty of any kind as to the soundness, condition or other quality or characteristic of any horse sold at this sale.  The owner and/or party entering horse are the responsible parties for all representations of animals.  This sale is not responsible for any unsoundness whatsoever and no animal can be rejected by the purchaser or his agent for any circumstance nor for any reason real or unreal.  There is no warranty expressed or implied by this sale as to the merchantability or fitness of any animal for a particular purpose.  When the auctioneer's gavel falls on the final bid, the animal is sold.
  2. BIDDING PROCEDURE.  There shall be no minimum bids.  The highest bidder shall be the purchaser. This sale or the auctioneer reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Should any dispute arise between or among two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall adjudicate the dispute, and this decision shall be absolute, final and binding upon all parties.  Bids acknowledged by bid spotters employed by the sale are recognized as if tendered to the auctioneer.
  3. TITLE, RISK, DELIVERY OF ANIMAL.  Title to the animal passes to the purchaser immediately upon the fall of the hammer.  Therewith, the purchaser assumes all risk and responsibility of the horse.  The purchaser may take custody and control of the animal immediately upon the fall of the hammer, however, such custody and control shall not constitute legal delivery, which will be made only after the purchaser has presented himself to the sale cashier and made settlement.  The purchaser is responsible for removing the horse from the stable area by 9:00 PM.
  4. SETTLEMENT.  All purchasers shall make settlement with the cashier of the sale immediately following the purchase in U.S. funds in the form of currency, certified check, cashier's check or travelers checks onlyPERSONAL CHECKS MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO PURCHASE BY SALE MANAGEMENT.  Any person acting as agent will be personally liable for any obligations on behalf of another.  In the event of default, the seller shall reclaim the horse or pursue all other legal remedies.
  5. REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES.  No horse will be sold without the original signed registration certificate.  All registration certificates and eligibility papers will not be released until settlement is made by the purchaser.  Personal checks will be held 30 days to clear the bank before registration certificates will be released.  Facsimiles and/or copies of such certificates and eligibilities are provided solely for the perusal of purchasers and are not to be construed as legal documents.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Announcements from the stand shall take precedence over any printed information or previously publicized information or material.  This sale is not responsible for  statements made by owners or consignors pertaining to consigned animals, nor is the sale responsible for printed statements.  The owner is the responsible party for all such statements.
  7. BROODMARES.  This sale takes no responsibility as to the breeding soundness or fertility of any mare sold as a "broodmare".  The status of any bred mare or any mare represented as not being bred is solely the responsibility of the owner/consigner.  Mares bred will sell with breeding statement provided by the owner, the accuracy of which is not guaranteed by this sale.
  8. Harness Horse Sales, Frank Chick, the Delaware State Fairgrounds, and/or Chick's or their officers, employees or agents are not responsible for any loss, injury or action from any accident that takes place before, during or while this sale is in progress.  All purchasers, spectators and any other persons absolve from responsibility all of the above in the event of accident, injury or loss to persons or property.  Please be careful in inspecting horses at any time while on the grounds or in the sales ring.
The Delaware Department of Agriculture requires that all horses test negative for Infectious Equine Anemia (EIA) through a Coggins Test taken by a veterinarian.  All horses sold in this sale must sell with proof of negative Coggins.   The responsibility of this is the seller's.  Please provide copies of the Coggins Test to the sale office prior to NOON on the day of the sale.  Horses without a negative Coggins Test dated within 6 months, will not be sold. 

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