Manna Pro Equine Fly And Mosquito Spray
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Manna Pro Equine Fly And Mosquito Spray

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Powerful Control Of Pests For Up To 4 Weeks!

Manna Pro Euqine Fly & Mosquito Spray. A ready-to-use insecticide wipe/spray-on for horses dogs and ponies. Kills and Repels Mosquitoes to help protect against West Nile Virus.

Powerful formula contains .25% Permethrin to protect against Horse Flies Stable Flies Face Flies Deer Flies Horn Flies Mosquitoes and Gnats.Longest residual action formula to control pests for up to 4 weeks!

Safe for use on Horses/Ponies or Dogs and their premises.

32 Ounces.

Directions For Use

TO CONTROL: STABLE FLIES, HORSE FLIES AND DEER FLIES: Apply a quart per adult animal as a wipe or spray to wet the hair thoroughly with particular attention to the legs, flanks, barrel, topline and other body areas commonly attacked by those flies. Repeat daily as needed.

TO CONTROL: HORN FLIES, HOUSE FLIES, MOSQUITOES AND GNATS: Apply as a wipe or spray to wet the hair thoroughly with particular attention to topline, underline, flanks, withers and other infested areas. Repeat treatment at intervals of 5 to 12 days for small insect populations or as needed when flies are emerging in large numbers.

TO CONTROL: FACE FLIES: Avoid contact with eyes. Apply as a wipe or by using a spray that produces large wetting droplets. Apply to the face of the animal in the morning before releasing to pasture. Apply sufficiently to wet the face, but not more than 1½ ounces per animal. Repeat daily as needed.

TO CONTROL: FLEAS, TICKS, LICE AND MANAGE MITES (adults and larvae) on horses: Thoroughly wet the animal by dipping, sponging or spraying. Allow animal to dry in a warm place without rinsing or toweling. Gives long-lasting protection against reinfestation. Repeat applications at intervals of 2-3 weeks. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, medicated, pregnant, or nursing animals.

ANIMAL PREMISE USE IN HORSE BARNS: To control Flies, Mosquitoes, Meal Worms, Darkling Beetles and Gnats: Apply as a fog or fine mist, directing the spray toward the ceiling and upper corners until the area is filled with mist. Use about 2 ounces per 1,000 cubic feet of space. For best results, close doors and windows before spraying and keep closed for 10 to 15 minutes. Vacate the treated area and ventilate before reoccupying.

TO CONTROL: FLEAS, FLIES, TICKS, LICE AND MANAGE MITES (adults and larvae) in kennels, dog houses, runs and yards: Thoroughly wet pest breeding or resting area to runoff. Most efficient pest control is accomplished when heavy pressure and good contact is achieved. Base timing and frequency of application on pest populations reaching nuisance levels, however manure removal and sanitation practices should precede sprays. Do not spray feed, food or water. Repeat as needed, but not more often than once every 2 weeks.

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